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Tonight's fantabulistic sunset from the train---though photos never do them justice, especially mine.

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It really was spectacular. : )
Yes it was, Mother Nature at her finest!
While I missed this one, I have to say that Key West has nuthin' on Beacon sunsets! I've often chased them on my bike down Tioronda & South Ave. I'm on the mountainside of town, and while I love it here, the west end does have its late day appeal.
It was gorgeous in Beacon too.
Sharon Watts said:
I've often chased them on my bike down Tioronda & South Ave.

That's a great cinematic image!

The photo was taken just north of Storm King--by the time we were in Beacon, the show was over. While it was all aglow, I must say I had never seen the kind of bright "woven" ridges in the brightest part. It magically dispelled depth--Clement Greenberg would have been proud. ;-)
My friend and I were admiring this view from the train on Thursday night as well-- breathtaking!

The same from 9D, near the Dutch Reformed Church
Nice one Peter. MUCH better photograph. Thanks for sharing.

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