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Here's an idea. The City of Beacon buys the old Matteawan train station on the east end of town, which is currently listed at $649,000. We then operate it as part of a feeder line for the main waterfront train station.

This line could ultimately run from the town of Fishkill to the waterfront, picking up passengers from Fishkill, Glenham, the proposed hotel by the falls, Beacon's east end, the proposed developments on the creek and at Madame Brett park, and Denning's Point/Beacon Rivers and Estuaries Institute.

This would save the need for hundreds of parking spaces, promote smart growth, be a viable connection to the far (mountain) end of town, make everything more walkable, reduce traffic, be an integral part of the proposed TOD, and be a draw in itself. It could form a loop with an electric hybrid bus/trolley on Main.

The top floor of the train station could be used to house the Beacon Historical Society, which is currently crammed into a tiny room at the Howland Center. Of course the city will need to put its grant writer to work, but I believe federal funds could be obtained for this type of transportation-related project.

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Please ban Jill F for taunting and general disrespect. That is not the type of behavior I expect from someone who participates in this site. I hope that by banning her, she will learn her lesson and behave in a manner that is more civilized.

But we do have some openings at the new Hooters for a waitress and Jill F is more than able to submit a application and CV - we are always looking for good help....


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