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Currently the Beacon Business Associastion is working on a project to have an electric tram run on main street. Their quiet,clean and very affordable. The tram fully equipped can be purchased for under $25,000. I would like to get your opinions on the idea and if you like it how can the citizens of beacon get involved. thank you.

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Ron - thanks for your post. At first glance it seems like a great idea. I think that many visitors who arrive via train may never venture past the easternmost few blocks of Main. A convenient way to get back and forth could help integrate the pedestrian traffic flow.

How would the funds be raised?
hi kelly

thanks for your reply. we are currently looking into grants from the state and federal as well as monies that might be available through central hudson electric. the trams are relatively inexpensive, under $20,000 each. we would still need to do fundraising and hopefully get the community to help with this project. we would like to have them here for the quadricenttenial next year.
I feel that a project such as this should be shared with the community via a City Council Meeting, such as a Community Segment. The BBA does many things without consulting the community at large, e.g. holiday displays. It is unfair to expect residents to help with something that they will have no input or say on. In my opinion, it is especially unfair for the BBA to ask for community support on a new endeavor when the BBA has a poor record of supporting new community events.
I love this idea! We've been running the "tram-looking" bus for several years and I love the way it looks, but electric seems like a much wiser way to go.
I don't know exactly how citizens can get involved, but I'll ride it, often...
Sonia Roy said:
I love this idea! We've been running the "tram-looking" bus for several years and I love the way it looks, but electric seems like a much wiser way to go.
I don't know exactly how citizens can get involved, but I'll ride it, often...
Thank you for your reply. Where have you run this tram? Maybe you can give us some insight. The electric trams are very inexpensive to run and can seat up to 14 passengers. We are still in the discussion stage with this idea. We will be presenting this to the city in a few weeks along with other reccomendations formulated by the main street corridor committee.
interesting idea... thought what does the loop bus think about it?

would it be simply end to end from wolcott to the creek and back again, or would it go so far as the train station? i could see the businesses on main st. getting a boost in visits were that the case, since anyone walking/biking up the hill from the station would be less apt to continue walking further than necessary. it could end up really helping assuage traffic congestion on main due to fewer cars being necessary.
thank you for your reply. our plan is to run the entire main street, including the train station and dia. we would like to see the weekend trolley reroute itself. rather than service the trains station, we would rather see it go to the hotel area in fishkill and service the tourists that are there. i think the loop bus would rather be running full buses from fishkill than mostly empty ones from the train station.
The city should push the MTA into letting them use the tracks that depart the main line south of the station and run past Madame Brett and up Tioranda up to the mills. I know the MTA probably has future plans for the line but it will never be high speed. With all the devlopment planned for Tioranda Ave from Madame Brett all the way to East Main it would make sense to have stops at each complex. A old school hand cart with an electric assist motor would be cool. It could drop people off at the east end of town and they could walk back through town.
The tracks are still in good condition minus all the plastic gin bottles that all the town drunks leave down underneath 9D. Is there not already a trolley that no one rides.
I think that most visitors are disappointed with Main st. When walking from the station by the time they get to the middle they are slightly pissed that they wasted their time. They know they have a bit of a walk ahead of them back and if it means catching the next train I think they usually turn around. The middle of main street has mostly businesses for locals anyways. Sit down on a bench watch the tourists and listen to their conversations. I'm not knocking the businesses, I try to buy everything I can on Main St. This town has to quickly do some creative thinking to set itself apart from all the other little art towns. There is very little cash out there for development right now. With so many store fronts this town needs a few thousand more residents to support them. We live in a city, as small as it may be. And we may have to deal with increased traffic on streets that haven't seen traffic since the factories closed. Our Main St is longer than Church St. in Burlington and Pearl St. in Boulder etc.., Cities with populations of 100000 or more and with large universities. The developers are being limited by the city about the number of units they can build because of increased concerns over vehicle traffic. What we are ending up with on every old factory site is "luxury" town homes for empty nesters, With zero reuse of the existing structures. ( City council-if you red these posts usually 90 percent of brownfield site clean up costs are paid for by the state, don't let the developers get away with the claim it cost to much to reuse. ) I say let the developers build 4 times as many units at 1/4th the size and very few parking spaces. I'm sure there are many 20 to 30 olds who work in the city don't have or want a car and who could afford 125000 to 175000 for some kind of strange little apartment in Beacon. Then they would need my hand cart idea to get down to the train station. The end. Atticus are you a planner like the kind that would work at a civil engineering company?
The benches were chosen and installed by BACA, not BBA.
The middle does have the largest trees. But it also has mostly sixties era one story buildings. Which are ugly and hard to lease for a reasonable price because they have no apartments to rent above. The west end had large trees until last year. The only pop I hear is the occasional sound of gun fire. If you plant a tree in front of a check cashing place it is still a check cashing place. I think the east end gets a raw deal because of the middle. There has been an exodus from the east end over the past two years after the city changed the code not allowing 1st floor residential. A couple of businesses even relocated from east to west (Even Ron I. )..(The west end was full of 1st floor resi. because of the proximity to the train,
they are gone now and the west end is the new east end) I believe the east end was mostly completely vacant buildings with no tenants to kick out that's why the east end was restored first. I heard another east end-er is closing maybe two.

I hope the tram works, there needs to be multiple ways to move people around. Ron did I hear correctly that you tried to get something going with the tracks or were they confusing that idea with the tram? On a related note they started demolishing the remainder of the old tuck tape factory. I think the name of the new complex is or was Willow Glen. If the Fishkill Creek properties are all built out and not one of them uses the tracks for transportation it would be pretty sad.

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