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I would like to invite anyone interested in having a dog park in Beacon to come out this Sunday afternoon, October 5th, at 2pm to ZuZu's coffee house. I want to get residents together for ideas, opinions, and dialogue on this topic. If you want a dog park in Beacon like I do, then please come, and bring anyone else who is interested. Thanks.

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This is good news for everyone in Beacon....THE CITY IS GIVING AWAY LAND TO SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS!!!!
This is all really great to hear. I’m very happy the city of Beacon is allowing this to happen. There is such a great dog community here in Beacon but no place for everyone to meet. I haven’t been to the dog park in Fishkill only because I heard it wasn’t that great, but there is a wonderful dog park in Thomas Bull Memorial Park in Montgomery that I make the almost 30 min trip to just because I love it (and the other visitors) that much. I would be willing to help out as much as I can as well… are there any upcoming meetings? I think an annual fee would be a good idea for funding. I have heard through the grapevine that Fishkill is going to start charging a $50 annual fee, has anyone else heard this? I think a fenced in area is the right way to go. Good way to keep both pets and people safe. As for memberships I think every dog must show proof of vaccinations to be allowed into the park. A lock and keys sounds like a good idea, and the cost of the key could be factored into the membership fee. Someone has probably already thought of all of this, but just in case I figured I’d mention it. Thanks to everyone that has put so much work into this!!
Charlie, I'm sure that your response is supposed to be humorous and tongue-in-cheek, but you need to explain the picture to me. All I see is a tall monument of some sort that appears to be made of metal and looks like a birdhouse highrise/ What's the deal?
As for Big Pimpin', how easy it must be to throw around statements criticizing government allocation of resources for community needs, instead of actually being part of a solution and working FOR a cause. Tell me, what are you committed to that is positive in nature, Biggie??

Charlie St. Helens said:
Hey, maybe Beacon can get in on this!. Our tax dollars at work: At least we are not a non-existent congressional district...

Big Pimpin said:
This is good news for everyone in Beacon....THE CITY IS GIVING AWAY LAND TO SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS!!!!
Who maintains this space, cutting grass, seeding and all.

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