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any artists in the community want to start a weekly meet-up to have a draw-night? this has become a popular way to gain inspiration on a regular basis, flex creative muscles and keep on top of your skillz.

we could iron out details based on interest level, but i envision meeting at one of a variety of venues on main street (zuzu's, muddy cup, homespun, etc...) on a rotating basis (so we don't impose on one business too heavily, and spread our business around a bit at the same time).

anyone interested, respond here to let me know and we can figure out a first meet-up at that time. we can use the event calendar here to coordinate.

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I'm new to Beacon, just closing on a house on Monday. I would love a drawing group, but ideally we'd have a model if there are enough artists out there to share the cost.
getting a life-model would be cool too, but from what i gather of other such clubs, it's more free-flow. to keep cost down, we could simply take turns being the model, or pick "inspiration" (ideas written down on a piece of paper) out of a hat... things like that. even maybe do a "jam" piece, where everyone adds something to one piece.

anyway, all just possibilities...
hi...i am new to beacon and the area...i think a drawing group would be really great...i am living on main street so i think that the mentioned places to meet are easily gotten to...maybe it could get started soon if enough people show an interest
thanks, Ty... i'll keep it in mind! so far i've only had the few replies above and one or two emails through my craigslist listing, so there is a modicum of interest. i've been busy as hell recently though, and haven't had the time to organize anything yet.
I am curious if this drawing group ever got going, if so where and when, I'd be happy to take turns modelling if we dont have models,there is life drawing at Garrison, but would be great in Beacon, if you know anything let me know
I'd be interested if we were using models. happy to pay a fee.
nothing ever came of it as of yet - life is what happens, etc...

i'm still highly interested in doing this but i just purchased a house and have about 5 months worth of construction ahead of me, so i don't know how regularly i would be able to attend.
when this does happen i would to be added to the list
same! I'd like to be added to the list -- seems like there's a little quorum going -- and i'd also be willing to rotate as a model if necessary. hope it gets off the ground! a good idea.
So far, it seems, we have Joan Martorano, Wesley Ortiz, Sherie Cordaz, Katie O'Hagan, Dana Devine O'Malley, Lynn and Vermehren (and occasionally Vyn). That's seven or eight, and we have an offer of a space. Does anyone know what a nude model costs per hour? If we can't afford that, we can rotate as model.
just fyi, i was also contacted through my listing on craigslist by someone interested in joining the group, as well as someone offering modeling services. that was a while ago: i listed at craigslist simultaneously with the initial post here, but still...
I am interested too, in participating in a life drawing group. The idea has been floating around for a while here and there and it would be great to get it going! If someone is contributing a private space that's all we need along with some good lighting.. and a model.. if at least 10 people pay $5 or something like that. Anyway guess I'll keep listening in. Thanks..

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